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Top 11 Programs International Students Prefer

Want to study abroad? Don’t know what program to go for? Well, don’t worry. There are so many programs available that making a choice can be overwhelming.

Here are the top 11 programs that most international students prefer so you can make an informed decision.

1. Computer Science And Technology

It is no surprise that technology is evolving day by day. This is why many international students prefer to study this degree in the technology hubs of the world such as China.

2. International Economics And Trade

This is another program that is widely popular among international students and rightly so. Trade is the future and this is why many people are opting for this degree.


Getting a medical degree is extremely expensive. This is why people find affordable options internationally. Bulgaria has the cheapest medical programs and it hosts students from all over the world.

4. Journalism And Communication

Another popular Bachelor’s program. Many universities all over the world host scholarship programs for journalism. This is why international students go for this opportunity as it means they can study their dream degrees at an extremely low cost. 

5. Finance And Management

One study found that more than 50% of international students study finance and management programs abroad. It is one of the fastest-growing programs all over the world with the highest rate of international students.

6. Art And Design Programs

Europe is a popular destination for art and design programs. Italy is one of the leading places where students prefer to study such a program. This is because the quality is high and the tuition fee is low.

7. Science And Engineering Programs

The interests of people are diversifying at a rapid rate. This is why many international students have started opting for science and engineering programs abroad. Mostly because their country doesn’t offer the diverse programs that they need.

8. Business Administration

This is perhaps one of the most popular programs out there, even for international students. Every university in every country offers this program and so it is extremely cheap and easy to find if you want to study abroad.

9. Law

Many people prefer to go to a European country to get their law degree. The quality of this degree is high in that region and you will find people from all over the world pursuing law.

10. MBA

One of the most popular Master’s programs out there. MBA is easy to achieve and can be found in almost any university. So, people can easily find an affordable option in this program.

11. Psychology

This is also one of the leading international programs that students opt for. Many do their masters abroad as their specific psychology niche may not be available in their country.

Final Words

These are the most popular options among international students. You can narrow your options down to these if you are having trouble deciding which program to opt for. Search programs

All these are great programs that have a lot of scopes all over the world. So, choose yours now!