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Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean, east of Greece with just about 1 million inhabitants.

There is a reason Cyprus is one of the world most popular tourist destinations. It is home to some amazing beaches, has a gorgeous weather all year-round.
Although the cost of living is incredibly reasonable compared to other major European countries, the Cypriot economy is prosperous; it is an advanced high-income economy with a very high Human Development Index. According to the latest IMF estimates, Cyprus per capita GDP (adjusted for purchasing power) at $28,381 is just above the average of the European Union.

The Republic of Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004 and started using the Euro in 2008. Although Greek is the official language, English is widely spoken (76% of the population of Cyprus speaks English).Studying in Cyprus is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Beyond its lovely beaches, luxurious hotels and excellent tourism services, Cyprus has a top-notch education system. International students do not have trouble finding good Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Cyprus that match the standards of other prestigious universities worldwide. Besides, Cyprus currently has the highest percentage of citizens who have higher-level education in the EU at 30% which is ahead of Finland’s 29.5%. In addition, In addition 47% of its population aged 25–34 has a university degree, which is the highest in the EU. The high quality of its educational system can be attributed to a large extent to the fact that nearly 7% of the GDP is spent on education which makes Cyprus one of the top three spenders of education in the EU along with Denmark and Sweden.

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