EducaMatch is a global pioneer in the field of Education Technology, offering a Cloud-based SaaS that streamlines the student recruitment lifecycle, simplifies every stage of the admission’s life cycle, and helps educational institutions manage relationships with various stakeholders. The EducaMatch Admission Software helps universities, colleges, polytechnics, vocational schools, and other institutions with recruiting, accepting, reviewing, enrolling students.

This phenomenal tool makes it possible for institutions to reach their goals, whether their organization needs a simple one-page application or an institutional solution to manage multiple programs and workflow among thousands of reviewers. The EducaMatch Admission Software will supercharge your yield and empower you to build a stronger school. The EducaMatch Admission Software is a hosted solution that you can use as a stand-alone system or integrate it with our online application platform to import/export applications you receive on our platform.

Some key features include:

The EducaMatch Admissions Software Features

Our customizable software provides end-to-end functionality to streamline the school enrollment process (including inquiry management, recruitment management, application and registration management, and year-round forms) for both students and school administrators.

The following features are currently available via user-friendly online and mobile interfaces:

Lead Nurturing

A key aspect of the EducaMatch Admissions software is lead nurturing through text messages and emails. This enables admissions staff to personalize messages at every step in the recruitment process.

Appointment Scheduling

The EducaMatch Admissions software also contains appointment scheduling capabilities, that can help admissions staff to schedule interviews and campus visits with the appropriate staff members.

Applicant Funneling

A useful feature for admissions staff seeking a detailed overview of all applicants in the process, the applicant funnel shows exactly how many individuals are in each stage of the admissions funnel. The staff members can then focus on advancing each student in the process.

Application Acceptance or Rejection

Institutions can make decisions regarding individual applicants directly through the application and issue those decisions. This feature enables admissions officers to consolidate the number of disparate programs they use and ensure that the proper decisions are being released at the proper times.

Payment processing

The EducaMatch Admissions software also contains a payment gateway that enables admissions departments to accept application fees directly through the software, eliminating the need for integration with a separate payment gateway software.

Registration Management

Most solutions in this category contain registration management features so admissions officers can complete the process for accepted students who decide to enroll in the school. This feature closes out the entire funnel, as an individual at this stage has gone from prospective student to enrolled student in a single application.

Integrations and Data Migration

The EducaMatch Admission Software also has the capability to do bulk file imports, data migration, integrations with other systems, and API integrations with select partner systems.


The EducaMatch Admissions software also contains messaging features that connect admissions officers with parents and students. These messages can be sent via email or SMS and can be sent as bulk messages or personalized one-off communications.

Forms Creation

The EducaMatch Admission Software also provides schools with online forms creation features that they can use to make admissions-related forms specifically for their educational institution. These forms, which can be saved and reused over and over, save schools time and money.
If you are interested in a demo or would like to purchase the EducaMatch Admission Software, kindly email and a member of our team will be happy to help you.