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Types Of Accommodation For International Students Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a great experience as you get to meet new people and have access to various opportunities. However, there are certain things that international students are concerned about when applying to colleges abroad. Apart from the application and the expenditure, the accommodation is a big part of your global experience. There are primarily three types of accommodation for international students studying abroad.

  • Dorm spaces
  • Homestay
  • Private apartments

Dorm Spaces

Dorm spaces are commonly provided by the institutes themselves. They set aside a number of rooms annually for international students flying in. They are usually on-campus or close to it because they’re offered by the university, plus it helps all the first years.

Dorms are most often shared spaces which would compromise your private space. However, there are many benefits too. Because, these spaces are occupied by most first year students, it becomes easier to socialize. Apart from this, if you ever need help with something, the campus resources are always close by. It’s a great safety net to come home to when you’re beginning your education abroad.


Homestay is one of the most convenient types of accommodation for international students. The university sets you up with a family for you to stay at their place. This is ideal because your meals will probably be taken care of. However, if you have any dietary restrictions you can always let your institution know that beforehand.

Homestays are also great to blend in with your host country’s culture. You can learn their language and it will help you figure out the landscape of that area. However, you might miss out on a lot of socialization because of this. This choice might be better if you’ve had your experience with dorms.

Private Apartments

If you’ve spent time looking around the area your campus is in, you can opt for private accommodation as well. This means renting out your own space to live in. This does have a high cost to everything along with more responsibility, but it also gives you freedom to express.

If you are not comfortable living alone so early on, you can rent out a space with other students or people. It’s a great opportunity to connect with people from various fields. They can even show you around if you get along with them. It’s one of the prime experiences for international students studying abroad.

These were the three types of accommodation for international students studying abroad. All the living situations have amazing benefits. It all boils down to what you want to choose and how you want to live. Some types like dorms and homestays have higher security. Accommodation like private apartments let you live by your own rules.

Similarly, all these types have their cons like distance to campus or access to socializing opportunities. Studying abroad is difficult when it’s without your own family. But it’s up to you to make the best out of that situation and spend your time. There are many silver linings in all the options.