Our pricing is predictable, reasonable, value-focused and there are no “hidden charges”.

What you pay

It is free to gain admission to any university through us. Only make a one-time payment of $300 to our immigration lawyers to get help with your visa application.

What you get

  • Matching with schools and programs abroad
  • Assistance with the payment of application fees
  • Help with sending documents to schools
  • Personalized counseling on study options
  • Communication with schools on your behalf
  • Help with the legalization of documents if needed
  • Guidance with writing your thesis proposals
  • Review of your personal statements…etc.
  • Guidance with your visa application/interviews
  • Assistance with your flight arrangements
  • Help with any foreign currency exchange/transfer
  • Help finding and paying for accommodation

Why you pay

We receive a huge amount of inquiries and unfortunately, there is no way for us to tell which prospective client is serious and will follow through with the process. The nominal fee clients pay to our immigration lawyers is a sort of gatekeeper and helps ensure that our immigration lawyers and educational consultants only focus/give time and attention to serious candidates. Besides, in the long run, you will often end up saving an amount that far exceeds the fees you paid for our services.

How to pay

All payments have to be made right on our website using your mobile money account, your PayPal account, or a credit/debit card. We also offer several payment options as listed below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Method 1 Mobile money transfer 
It is now possible to make a mobile money payment directly on our website. Simply choose MOBILE MONEY as your preferred payment option and follow the instructions on the screen. Please do not send a mobile money payment to any other number.

Method 2 Moneygram or Western Union

If you prefer to send your payment via Moneygram or Western Union, contact us for instructions.

Method 3 International Bank Draft

You may also arrange for your bank to issue an International Bank Draft, payable to EDUCAMATCH in US dollars.

Method 4 Telegraphic or Wire Transfer

If you prefer to use this option, kindly contact us for instructions.

Method 5 Credit Card/ PayPal payment

If you own a debit/credit card or have a PayPal account, simply choose DEBIT/CREDIT CARD or PayPal as your preferred payment option and follow the instructions on the screen. Payments are securely processed and encrypted. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Please do not make payments by any other means, to any individual or entity on our behalf.”

When to pay

The $300 payment to our immigration lawyers has to be made before any service is rendered.

How often you pay

The $300 paid to our immigration lawyers is a non-refundable one-time payment.

How to get a discount

You can get a discount (currently about $50) if a friend you refer patronizes our services. You may also receive a voucher or promo code in one of our promotional messages or newsletters, so do forget to subscribe to our list.
*** Kindly note that all promo codes are time-sensitive and should be used before their expiration dates.

What else should be included in your budget

School application fees, postage and shipping costs, translation expenses, legalization fees, and tuition fees…etc. We will let you know exactly what is needed in your case.