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Top 10 Destinations for International Students In 2020

Recent stats have shown over 5.3 million students worldwide have decided to leave their home countries and become foreign students. The top 10 destinations for these international students are as listed:

United States:

Traditionally U.S has been the top-ranked foreign student destination. Ivy League Universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Yale are among the top ranked universities. American universities are widely known for the quality of their teaching and research and are also top leaders in terms of technology and scientific techniques.

United Kingdom:

U.K is the leading destination for foreign students slightly behind the U.S and has over 500,000 international students enrolling each year. Universities like Oxford and Cambridge in the UK are recognized among the best universities in the world.


Studying in China presents the opportunity to gain valuable first-hand experience of the culture and business practices of rising world power. With the top 2 Asian universities being in China, it is now the top destination for international students from around Asia.


When it comes to quality education Canada is one of the top entries. Not only is the quality of education good but the tuition fees is also very reasonable. In addition to that, an educational degree from Canada will be recognized everywhere in the world. Canada is safe, peaceful, culturally diverse and allows students to work for up to 20 hours each week during semesters to earn while they study.


Australia has the highest ratio of foreign students per head of population in the world by a large margin. It is one of most sought after location for international students due to the part time work opportunities available for them. This makes it easy for international students to fund their education themselves in Australia.


France presents prospective students with quality education adapted to student’s needs along with outstanding research and development opportunities. With France being home to leading international corporations and brands, its enrollment rate of foreign students is ever increasing.


Russia offers a large variety of academic studies along with cultural diversity. Russia has a very strong education system that tops most developed western countries. One of the best things about education in Russia is that it isn’t that costly.


Germany has slowly become the go-to place for international students around the world for its top-ranked universities, globally valued degrees, high employment chances, and affordable living costs. Germany also charges little to no tuition fee from its students, most foreign students only have to cover administrative costs and can study for free.


Japan offers quality education with a life-changing cultural experience. Japan’s cultural history and traditions are unique and a part of the experience of living and studying there. Japan has relatively low tuition fees and offers a variety of scholarship opportunities.


The Education System of Spain is very well organized and amongst the top in the world. Spain offers affordable living and tuition rates to all its international students. It’s also full of popular tourist attractions and has a wonderful climate to offer. All these reasons combine to present a great prospect of studying in Spain.

All the above 10 destinations present a very attractive proposition for international students offering not just great education and research opportunities but also low living and tuition costs. All of this should be weighed collectively to make the best choice in choosing your destination for foreign education.