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The Seven Stages Of Cultural Shock For International Students And How To Deal With It

Multiple international students are vulnerable to experiencing cultural shock. Cultural shocks make up the experience that you go through when adjusting to a foreign place. This is because the culture is different from what you may be accustomed to.

Experiencing a cultural shock can lead many international students to anxiety and uncertainty. This guide will help you identify the seven stages of cultural shock and how to deal with it.

The Seven Stages Of Cultural Shock For International Students

1. Anticipating departure

The first stage consists of students anticipating the future. They are departing from their home country and have high expectations along with feelings of fear.

2. Arrival uncertainty

The arrival phase is most commonly filled with uncertainty and confusion. Everything is new and most students feel hesitant in exploring this new phase of their life.

3. Honeymoon phase

During this stage, the international students are star-struck with their host country. They are in the process of trying out new things and liking every bit of it while making new friends.

4. The reality plunge

Once the honeymoon phase passes, students are faced with reality. They can become frustrated by the pressure of this new life and how everything is different from what they’re used to.

5. Adjustments

After the students confront reality, it is time to make changes. Students start making adjustments to their schedules to settle in and figure out the best routes to their favorite places.

6. Exploring cultural issues

International students can face confusion during this stage as well. This is because they are realizing why they act the way they act and decide their approach to future prospects.

7. Adapting

Finally, the international students learn to adapt. This is the final stage where the students learn how to blend in. They can easily feel at home during this part of their journey.

How To Deal With Cultural Shock

There are some basic ways to deal with cultural shock as they can make your life easier. Cultural shock can often take a toll on the mental health of international students. Being prepared for it helps the most. Researching about the host country can assist many international students in knowing what to expect. This can create a more real view of your study abroad life.

Joining various student led clubs and societies also help you fit in. This will help you socialize and network and build a support group. You can find out about various people and maybe you can find someone who feels the same way you do. It will make the transition easier.

Finding a hobby is another great way to deal with cultural shock. This can help take your mind off some of the most stressful stages of cultural shock. It can be your go-to whenever you feel low and help you understand what’s going on with your life. This guide has been of help to numerous international students and it can help you too. Be sure to reach out to someone to talk about how you feel when experiencing cultural shock. It is natural and will help you grow into a better person.