Where To Study In Asia? 8 Ideal Destinations For International Students

Being the largest and the most populated continent of the world, Asia not only offers a rich culture but has some of the best education systems in the world as well. Looking for ideal countries for international students in Asia? Keep reading then.

  1. China

    China has one of the largest and strongest education systems in the world. Its education system was ranked at number eight by QS. The country has some of Asia’s best and top universities located in it. In the year 2018, Beijing and Shanghai were included in the world’s top student cities as well. According to an estimate, more than 500,000 international students are enrolled in the universities of China.

  2. Japan

    Japan has been given the 10th rank in the QS Higher Education System Strength. Tokyo has been ranked as the second-best student city as well in the year 2018. The introduction of English-taught programs and making the application process easier proves the country’s interest in attracting more international students. Although the living cost for international students is higher in Japan, the tuition fee is very low as compared to other popular countries.

  3. Malaysia

    Malaysia’s education system has been given the rank of 25th best education system in the world. This is why the country has been attracting so many international students in recent years. International students are attracted to Malaysia because it offers low cost to them both in terms of living and tuition fees as well. Kuala Lumpur was even given the rank of the second most affordable city for the students in the year 2018.
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  4. South Korea

    South Korea has invested a huge amount in its education system. This is why many international students are attracted to the country to pursue their education. Seoul, the capital city of South Korea was ranked as the 10th best city for international students in the year 2018 by QS. Out of the top 500 Asian universities, a total of 58 are located in South Korea.

  5. Singapore

    Singapore has some of the best Asian universities located in the country. The National University of Singapore has been acknowledged as the best Asian university. The education system of Singapore was ranked as the 28th best education system by QS. Also, the students graduating from the country are offered the best job because of the reputation of the country.

  6. Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has been enraging as one of the best educational systems in Asia. It is becoming notable for many top universities that offer the best programs to both the local and international students. Hong Kong has been ranked as the 8th best city for students as well.

  7. Israel

    Israel has been ranked as the third most educated country in the world and its education system was given the rank of the 24th best education system in the world. The country has some top-ranking universities making it the idol country for the students.

  8. United Arab Emirates

    The United Arab Emirates is the best option for international students who want to study abroad and experience multiple cultures. The education system of the UAE is given the rank of thirty-one by QS. The country offers degrees in many languages including English, Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu.

Pick any of these countries, and enroll in the best education programs!


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