Are you seeking to fulfill your dream of becoming an international student? Having difficulties in finding the right documents to enable you to gain admission into a reputable University? Here are the essential documents you may need in fulfilling your dreams;

Essential documents needed to study abroad may differ from country to country and also the choice of University. These include;

  1. School-leaving certificate & Academic Transcript
  2. Letters of recommendation
  3. Valid passport
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Proficiency letter & I.E.L.T.S (Not all countries)
  6. Statement of intent
  7. Bank statement (financial documents)
  8. Police report

Below are the details of the items as enlisted above;

Below are the details of the items as enlisted above;

  1. School Leaving Certificate & Transcript

    The initial documents needed in fulfilling your dreams to study abroad are School Leaving Certificate & Transcript. This is an official document in the form of an academic qualification obtained from your school of completion, as proof of completing your education (high school). It could also be known as High School Certificate etc.
    The Transcript is needed in outlining a record of courses and subjects studied and grades obtained upon completion of your education.

  2. Letters of recommendation

    The second document required is the Letter of Recommendation. It is one of the primary documents required in studying abroad. This could be obtained from trainers, coaches, teachers, mentors, advisers, referees, managers, or supervisors. They are intended to reveal vital information to the recipients-academic board on impressive academic records etc.

  3. Valid Passport

    A valid passport is then needed verifying one’s identity as a citizen of a country and with the primary aim of enhancing movement from one country to another.

  4. Birth Certificate

    Birth Certificates are vital credentials serving the purpose of identifying the holder as being born. It spells out certain details like place of birth, parents, hometown, and date of birth, issued at the point of birth.

  5. Proficiency Letter & IELTS (Internal English Language Testing System)

    Having obtained the above documents, a proficiency letter is then needed in confirming the applicant’s ability to speak and understand English Language. This is mostly required in English-speaking countries and issued by companies, career and guidance counselors, coaches, etc.
    I.E.L.T.S is a worldly acclaimed measurement system used in testing the English Proficiency of foreign students. One is required to take the test as part of travel requirements into English speaking countries, as indicated earlier.

  6. Statement of Intent

    The next document required is a statement needed to indicate one’s intent to pursue a course in a University abroad. A good statement of intent should be devoid of grammatical errors and must be concise and clear. The expectation is to indicate your intent in not less than five hundred (500) and not more than One Thousand (1,000) words.

  7. Bank Statement (Financial documents)

    An applicant is then required to obtain and submit his/her bank statement (financial records). This is intended to showcase the financial position of an individual.

  8. Police Report

    The final document needed is an official record of one’s past criminal accounts. This is obtained from the home country’s police department.

These documents are essential in enhancing the entry and exit of countries in fulfilling one’s dreams. Without the proper documentation, it is most likely you may find it difficult in fulfilling your dreams of studying abroad.

Applicants are therefore expected to ensure these documents are obtained and submitted to enhance one’s chances of studying abroad.


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