17 tips to help you pick between on-campus or off-campus accommodation?

17 tips to help you pick between on-campus or off-campus accommodation?

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Wondering whether you should stay in the hostel or student housing on your University campus. The answers to the following questions can help you decide if that is the right decision for you:

  1. Is the Hostel inside the campus?
  2. Is the hostel near  the campus?
  3. Are there separate hostels for Boys and Girls?
  4. Is the Hostel safe and secure?
  5. Is the Hostel accommodation less expensive than other available options?
  6. Can you choose your room in the Hostel?
  7. Are there shuttle services to commute from hostel to your school?
  8. Are there amenities like Restaurants and eateries near the Hostel?
  9. Are there banks, Clinics and salons near the Hostel?
  10. Does the Hostel have a Pantry? Will you be able to cook in the Hostel?
  11. Is there mini market in the Hostel premises?
  12. Are there cleaning services in the hostel?
  13. Do I Get Free Wi-Fi in the Hostel?
  14. Is there separate washing area provided for students to wash clothes?
  15. Are there meeting and study area in the Hostel for group meetings and study among students?
  16. Does the Hostel provide parking space for vehicle parking?
  17. Is there a common TV Room area for watching TV Programs?

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If you can say yes to most of the most of the above questions, you should definitely consider residing in the student housing provided by your school.

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