15 Cheap Bachelor Programs To Consider In The USA

Get proper education can be difficult for many people, especially considering the costs associated with it. However, there are universities all over the world that offer relatively less costly programs for their students. If you are looking for reasonably priced programs in the United States then here are some programs you should check out.

  1. Agriculture, Aquaculture Specialty B.Sc.

    Offered By: University of Hawaii Hilo
    Cost: $2526 per year
    The university offers a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Aquaculture that has a duration of 4 years.

  2. Writing, Pre-Bachelor

    Offered By: University of California, Berkley
    Cost: $953 per year
    This is a great course for writers as they can take advantage of this 5 year program to boost their careers.

  3. Journalism, Pre-Bachelor

    Offered By: West Virginia University
    Cost: $2065 per year
    This is a pre-bachelor course in journalism offered by WV University. It has a duration of 1 year.

  4. Music Industry, B.A., B.S.

    Offered By: Wayne State College
    Cost: $360 per year
    This program is a call to all the music enthusiasts to pursue their dream. It has a duration of 4 years.

  5. Sustainable Practices, B.A.S.

    Offered By: Cascadia Community College
    Cost: $2305 per year
    The university provides you with a 2-year program to build your career in the green industry.

  6. Religious Studies, B.A.

    Offered By: Marywood University
    Cost: $1490 per year
    The university offers a wide range of knowledge on religious aspects. The duration of this program is of 4 years.

  7. Emergency Health Sciences, B.Sc.

    Offered By: The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
    Cost: $1190 per year
    This university offers a 4 year-long program. It is offered in the field of emergency healthcare.

  8. International Business, B.B.A

    Offered By: University Of Memphis
    Cost: $655 per year
    The university offers the BBA degree program for 4 years. This will prepare students for their careers in the international business field.

  9. Software Development And Programming, Pre-Bachelor

    Offered By: University of California, Berkeley
    Cost: $800 per year
    This is an online program offered by the university. The students can build their careers in the IT field. The program will take 5 years and is a mix of both; theory and practice to help the students build a successful career.

  10. Electronics Engineering Technology, B.S.C

    Offered By: Savannah State University
    Cost: $610 per year
    The university provides this Bachelor’s degree for this program. The course is 4 years long and includes the fundamentals of modern electronics theory.

  11. Health Science, B.Sc.

    Offered By: University Of The People
    Cost: $990 per year
    This program offers a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. The duration of this program is 4 years and it focuses on the knowledge and health about surroundings.

  12. Psychology, B.Sc.

    Offered By: Florida State University
    Cost: $716 per year
    Students can specialize in Psychology with the cheapest bachelor’s program offered by this university. The course has a duration of 4 years for this degree.

  13. Multimedia Arts Technology- Music

    Offered By: Western Michigan University
    Cost: $1905 per year
    This exciting program offered by the university is 4 years long. With this course, students can learn all about music and digital technologies and their uses.

  14. Professional Program In Data Administration And Management, Pre-Bachelor

    Offered By: University of California, Berkeley
    Cost: $1192 per year
    Enhance your knowledge and build your career by joining this program. The duration of this course is 3 years.

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Now that you know about the most affordable programs in the US, you can select the right one to build your career without worrying about expenses.


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